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About Us

Our Story

RocketNode Hosting was created on the foundation of providing the consumer market enterprise grade hosting solutions, but at the consumer price point. For the past year we have been able to offer clients affordable pricing for commercial grade hardware including Xeon Golds and Ryzen 9 processors. Along with having one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

Staff Team

See who works at RocketNode!

Lane R.

Chief Executive Officer

Maddox L.

Director of Operations

Matt M.

Director of Infrastructure

Dean G.

Director of Support

Mubaris H.

Support Team Operator

Rosko K.

Support Team Operator

Chauncey J.

Support Team Operator

Ewan K.

Support Team Operator

John K.

Support Team Operator

James D.

Compliance Officer

Radisic N.

Web Developer